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Feral cat in Nassau County
Dr. Lynn Santora spays a cat for Humane Urban Group
A resident releases feral cats after they have been neutered as part of the TNR initiative.

Trap-Neuter-Return (TNR) is a philosophy of cat population control through which free-roaming community and feral cats are humanely trapped; sterilized, vaccinated, left ear tipped, medically treated; and returned to the outdoor locations where they were found. Ear tipping is the surgical clipping of the tip of the cat’s left ear to indicate at a glance that a cat has been treated as described above. 

After treatment, kittens still young enough to be socialized and friendly adult cats are placed in foster care for eventual adoption into homes as companion animals rather than returned to the outdoors. Having a caretaker feed and maintain the feral/community colony is crucial to the cats’ health and well-being for without a caretaker to feed and monitor the colony, the health and well-being of the colony may be compromised. As such, the dedicated caretaker is a critical component of TNR.

TrueCatch Light Duty Animal Trap Model 30LTD

The Humane Society of the United States and the ASPCA endorse TNR as the most humane and effective way to control and limit the free-roaming community and feral cat population. Click for a list of TNR Resources and low-cost TNR Veterinary Care.

HUG members receive support and training in trapping feral cats and information on economical and free spay/neuter programs. We loan traps with a returnable deposit or you can buy your own. We recommend the TrueCatch Light Duty Animal Trap Model 30LTD for the best results. The TruCatch 30LTD Light Duty Trap is a reliable lightweight animal trap that is great for small animals and a favorite for “TNR” projects. This trap features a rear door release. Purchase here.

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