Lost & Found Pets

If you find a cat, if possible, take the cat to the vet and have it scanned for a microchip. It only takes a minute. You can also search for lost and found pets on Facebook. There are a number of websites that you can post and search for a lost cat. Here are a few excellent resources to assist with lost and found pets.

Lost & Found Pets Long Island: Nassau/Suffolk County

This Facebook page was created to help reunite lost pets with their owners in Nassau and Suffolk counties.

Lost and Found Pets of Long Island

LAFPOLI is dedicated to networking to reunite lost pets on Long Island with their families and to help educate and bring awareness to the importance of pet identification and microchipping. You can also search for your pet on their Facebook page.

Lost My Kitty

Create a free lost or found pet listing that is emailed and faxed to over 25 local shelters, vets and rescue groups (over 35K in our network). Lost My Kitty provides an additional and effective way to locate lost and found pets. Their system creates a neighborhood search that can significantly increase your chances of finding your pet.

Queens Lost & Found Pets

QLFP has been helping the Queens community reunite with their lost pets since 2013. These volunteers provide personal assistance to families who are struggling to find their pets.


Create a free alert for your lost pet on Pawboot and get them home soon. PawBoost uses Facebook to get lost and found pet alerts in front of the local pet lovers who want to help. PawBoost Alerts are seen millions of times every single day, leading to thousands of happy reunions. 

Tabby Tracker

Tabby Tracker is the largest public database of lost cats with 147,088 registered cats. Register a lost or found cat and be notified when there is a match.